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"The Unfair Advantage: Sell with NLP! for Inside Sales" can now be seen and heard via four downloadable lessons. When completed, participants will know how to get an appointment, move the sales process quickly, and above all, write powerful scripts to get results.

The lessons consist of Powerpoint presentations with narration and interactive exercises. The program includes four lessons from the "The Unfair Advantage: Sell with NLP!" 10-lesson program. With these four lessons, for the cost of $360, participants will learn:

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Take a look at what people are saying about "The Unfair Advantage" lesson!

"Impact on our sales was immediate."

I manage a crew of 25 successful sales consultants. Each consultant has 15 years of experience in direct contact selling. These sales people are required to get $6000 cash up front within 15 - 20 minutes of first contact with the customer. The outcome of their efforts is to help people hear better. When it comes to training the staff, I feel it is tough to teach them anything new or exciting. These consultants are the best of the best.

I recently hired a sales trainer that specializes in NLP, what an expert in his trade! Dr. Duane Lakin introduced my crew to the magical realm of selling with NLP, The Unfair Advantage.

What an advantage it is. Dr. Lakin demonstrated the art of building rapport. We learned the skills of communicating with visual, auditory and kinesthetic language. We could see the dramatic effect that mirroring body language can have on making the connection with the customer. With our radar enhanced with NLP deep listening skills, we discovered a new way to observe the sales process. Dr. Lakin's industry-specific presentation of meta-programs helped us see the value of these powerful sales tools.

The impact on our sales was immediate! If you are looking for some powerful new selling techniques, you must hire Dr. Duane Lakin. I'm sure you'll feel as we do--deeply grateful for his Unfair (Selling) Advantage.

Chad Jorgensen, Managing Director
Nu-Ear Electronics
San Diego, CA

"Raised closing percentage by 20%."

I work for West Gate Resorts, the world's number one time-share. and I am currently ranked number one in the industry. Having read and understood Dr. Lakin's book, The Unfair Advantage: Sell with NLP!, I was able to raise my closing percentage by another 20%! I have read everything, and I would strongly recommend that if you are in any type of sales, you buy this book immediately...

Thomas Beck
West Gate Resorts

"Key to unlock secret business tool."

Duane dazzles audiences with the innovative ideas in the sales training lesson version of his book, "The Unfair Advantage: Sell with NLP!" The concepts are so well presented that you will feel like you have been given the key to unlock a secret business tool. Duane is an outstanding presenter--entertaining, well-studied, and very professionally experienced. You will want to attend this one!

Jim Geimer
Chicago VISTAGE Chairman

"Answer real objections and concerns."

I recently had the privilege of participating in your "Unfair Selling Advantage" Sales Training. I have attended a large number of seminars and have read many of the most popular books on the psychology of sales. What I saw and heard from Dr. Lakin's style and system impressed me above all previous experiences.

The real world ability to use the information gained though Dr. Lakin's instruction was easy to see. I have heard from my colleagues that they can much more easily relate with customers and answer the real objections and concerns, not just those spoken.

I was pleasantly surprised that Dr. Lakin did not bring his ego with him. For a man as educated and experienced as he is, he presents himself as a confident but humble man. I found that I could quickly trust him with my interaction.

The Lakin course was, without question, worth both the minimal time and expense involved. I would highly recommend his sales training to anyone looking for an advantage.

Michael Huskey, President,
HearForm, Inc.

"Willing to pay us our price...shortened time cycle."

After participating in Duane Lakin's presentation, I had the opportunity to put some of it into practice immediately with an account for a product where our pricing was high and we were being considered as a second source of supply. There was nothing we could do to lower our price, so we decided to NLP them to death. It was three hours of "look, hear, feel" and the result was that they are willing to pay us our price for 1,500,000 pounds.

Our selling process is long, in fact up to 18 months. Before listening to Duane, we followed Neal Rackham's SPIN Selling model for our sales calls. With the knowledge gained from Duane's sales training, we are shortening that time cycle because our salespeople are able to build rapport much quicker than ever before. The adage of "work smarter" not harder comes alive in the selling environment with the tools Duane makes available.

Others can tell salespeople what they have to do, but your insights tell salespeople how they have to do it. Just one favor ... don't teach this to my competitors!

Steve Andon, President
TIC Gums, Inc.
Baltimore, MD

"Business increased 150%!"

Our main product is a $1500/person seminar. After taking Duane's lesson, we added VAK mixes and embedded commands into our brochure and website. Our registration has increased 150% and there are still several weeks before registration ends. Thanks so much.

Kathy Hurley, President
Theodorre Donson, Vice President
Enneagram Resources, Inc.
Lakewood, CO

"Skills to improve our performance for our clients."

The Unfair Advantage not only helped me close our company's largest sale, but we use the skills to improve our performance for our clients. Our business is accounts receivable management and the same skills that improve the sales process are also effective tools when collecting from our clients' past-due customers. We have seen superior recoveries while maintaining the relationship between our clients and their customers.

Mark Zanders, President
Performance Source II, LTD

"Use in business and interpersonal dealings."

Talk about interesting, Duane Lakin is able to excite an audience about NLP. His passion about the subject and lesson approach makes instant believers of his audience. NLP can be used, not only in your business activities, but your day to day interpersonal dealings to make you a better communicator and achieve better results.

Carlton R. Marcyan, Partner and Attorney
Schiller DuCanto and Fleck

"Useful to me every day."

I found the NLP techniques that Duane Lakin teaches to be instantly useable and effective. The day after hearing Duane speak for the first time, I employed the Language Pacing and Non-Verbal Mirroring techniques with a new banker who I had previously had trouble relating to, and succeeded in establishing a rapport with him that led to a long and highly satisfactory relationship. I credit Duane's teaching entirely for this success.

Duane's insights on listening to clients, co-workers and adversaries to ascertain their preferred style of receiving information have been enormously helpful to me in my managing my practice and serving my clients. His techniques are useful to me every day.

Ronald B. Grais, Partner and Attorney
Schwartz, Cooper, Greenberger & Krauss, Chtd