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In-Person Workshops

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Part One is a two-day sales training workshop for anyone in sales or sales management. The outline for the program is as follows:


  1. Physical mirroring
    (Learn to observe and use your body to build trust!)

  2. Vocal Mirroring
    (Discover how to match vocal tone and speed to build trust over the phone or face-to-face.)

  3. Language Pacing for Rapport
    (Master the verbal “Invisible Handshake” and "Echo Handshake”. Build trust by choosing the right words.)

  4. Clear the Smoke
    (Develop skills for probing that clears the smoke and honors the adage: "First seek to understand.”)

  5. Language Mixing for Impact
    (Practice mixing language preferences to increase the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic “arousal” state of your audience. Will include "editing" participants' scripts, letters, brochures, etc.)

  6. Leading with Action Commands
    (Discover skills for delivering suggestions that lead to actions.)

  7. Embedding Commands
    (See how to “hide” a command and make it virtually subliminal; enabling the mind to rehearse the action you desire without inviting resistance. Examples include how to write scripts for phone campaigns, presentations or direct-mail copy.)

  8. Putting it Together
    (Opportunity to write a letter, construct a telesales script, plan a sales call or presentation, or write brochure copy that uses many of the above skills. Get guidance and feedback from Dr. Lakin and from other participants.)

The fee for the 2-day program is $900 per person.
Discounts for multiple people from the same organization.
Schedule today by calling 1-630-871-2996.


Part Two (One-day workshop; Date to be announced later)
The outline for the program is as follows:


  1. Mindsets (Metaprograms) & Discovery Questions
    (Discover how to see the world as your prospect/client sees it; learn to use words that match another’s view of the world.This is a powerful invisible way to build trust and influence others’ thinking.)

  2. Eye Cues & Buying Strategies
    (Discover how to read eyes to identify language preference, trust level, and buying strategies.)

  3. Handling Objections
    (Learn three simple skills for reducing hostility and getting past objections.)

  4. Keeping the Advantage
    (How to help the client or prospect keep YOU in their mind.)

  5. The other advantage:
    YOUR mindsets and beliefs (both empowering and limiting)
    (Learn to watch and control what you say to yourself.)

Fee for the one-day program is $450.
Discounts for multiple people from the same organization.
Enroll today by calling 1-630-871-2996.


NLP, sales, and truth
NLP keeps reminding us: The map is not the territory. Hopefully, NLP can help more people at least accept that everything is colored by our “maps” and our mental models. There is no truth. And if there is no truth, perhaps we can learn by listening to a different map and hearing what is being said. Perhaps we can help people learn that in any journey, there can be several paths to take. Multiple maps can be an asset, not a problem.

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I am inviting qualified trainers to become licensed to sell and conduct "The Unfair Advantage: Sell with NLP!" workshops worldwide. If you have group training experience and some knowledge of NLP, I will provide all materials and updates, additional training in conducting these workshops, and on-going support. If you want to be a licensed "The Unfair Advantage: Sell with NLP!" provider, please write Dr. Duane Lakin,